Seniors on the Road
We believe traveling need not be expensive
We’re not really dogs … in fact we have cats. What we really mean by our title is we are a couple of seniors who love to travel and we’re ready to do a lot of it. Not that our adventures aren't suitable for any age, but our slant on it can be especially helpful to seniors who aren't spring chickens, but are young at heart. So, since one of us writes and the other is a photographer, we thought we’d share some show-and-tell about our past and future trips. 

Experience has taught us that traveling need not be expensive. So we’ll give you all the tips we find so that you, too,  can travel as inexpensively but entertainingly as possible. Sure, it costs money to get from one place to the other, but we have found in our international travels thus far—to England, Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, the Carribbean and Cartagena—that if you do your best to eat where the natives eat, you will probably spend less than if you went out to eat in the United States. And you’ll discover much more about the country you’re visiting that way.

Not that we don't travel in the United States—we'll be writing about New Orleans, the Southwest, the great American West, the Northeast and lots more! We'll share what we learn wherever we go.

And now, with the addition of Uber and Airbnb to the world, we’ve found ways to easily get to places that are less expensive than hotels, where we can fix our own breakfast and morning coffee. And because mobile phones put us right in touch with most of the whole wide world, we conduct most of our bookings right on our phones. That’s why one of the filters we have on our housing searches includes Wi-Fi, which is now available most of the places we’ve traveled. 

We goofed in Hungary, though, and it cost us the opportunity to enjoy the famous thermal baths of Budapest. Uber actually opted out of Hungary because of new regulations, something we didn’t realize until it was too late. But you can now call on Estonia-based company Taxify, which launched its operations in August to fill the hole left by Uber’s exit from the Hungarian market. And now, sitting at my computer in the US, I see that Taxify is very similar to Uber. Wish we had discovered it sooner!

One drawback a recent trip—our phone company—the only viable choice for reception in the area where we live—doesn’t have a very good international phone plan. So before our next trip, we need to explore the very best and most inexpensive ways to access mobile communications when we travel. And once we’ve finished researching it, you can bet we’ll tell you about it.

One more thing—because we live within our budget and pay off credit cards every month, we CHARGE EVERYTHING! Why? For the points, of course—many of our flights have been paid for by our credit card companies. What a way to go!

​If you want to give us feedback or ask questions, contact us at [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you.